Automate Shopify Tasks and Save Time with Order Automator

January 16, 2024

Author: Joe

Shopify Expert, store owner for 7 years, former eCommerce marketer and consultant

Order Automator is a highly rated Shopify app that automates tasks like tagging, fulfillment, fraud monitoring, notifications, and more.

The free version has a useful Fraud Guard feature that helps you control fraudulent orders and charge backs.

The regular version has a suite of features that help you manage your orders and fulfillment, saving time and presenting extra opportunities to improve your store's organization.

Key Features

  • Auto tag orders and customers based on order conditions (country, number of orders, products, etc)
  • Auto request fulfillment to 3rd party fulfillment services
  • Auto fulfill items (like digital products and upsells)
  • Remote tracking: Lets partners and suppliers update tracking on orders without having a staff account
  • Amazon inventory sync and fulfillment via Amazon FBA
  • Monitor stale orders and get notified, for example if an order is X days old and not fulfilled
  • Process old orders in bulk

Video Walkthrough

This video shows all of the app features as of January 2024. We're always adding new stuff, so if you're reading in the future there's a chance you'll find some extra nuggets when you install and test the app. 🙂

Get the app in the Shopify app store. There's free version + a 7 day free trial on the regular version.

If it doesn't help you out, contact us and let us know what's missing, we like creating solutions for the community. 👨‍💻

About the Author: Joe

Joe's a +10 years Shopify partner, certified Shopify Expert, 7 year Shopify store owner, former Shopify optimization agency owner, and the creator of Order Automator. Outside of tech he's into nature adventures, travel, trees, music, books, and art. 🏕🌎🌞

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