Automate Tasks in Shopify

Order Automator is a Shopify app that works 24 / 7 to automate tasks related to orders and customers. This app saves you time and money. 👍

Key Features

Tag Orders + Customers

Create rules to auto tag orders / customers based on conditions like products, shipping, and customer location.

Auto Fulfill

Create rules to fulfill line items that meet certain conditions. Example: auto fulfill digital products, or request fulfillment to a 3rd party like Amazon FBA.

Fraud Guard

Prevent chargebacks by auto cancelling high risk orders, or get a notification when a medium or high risk order comes in.


Send notifications to staff or vendors based on order conditions. Example: Send an order notification to your supplier if an order contains their products.

Order Monitor

Get notified of orders that are X days old but unfulfilled, or have a certain status like pending payment.

Custom Addons

We customize features + create full addon extensions tailor made to your store.

👨‍💻 Bonus: We can create custom features to extend the app's capabilities. We can also build custom plugins and apps for any functionality in your store.

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